At Dansk Day Spa we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products delivered through a highly trained professional staff. We offer all natural products and the highest quality cosmeceutical products. Dansk standards of quality and high performance products coupled with our professional knowledge and experience truly offers you the "Unique Scandinavian Experience."

Salt of the Earth
America's Dead Sea - The Great Salt Lake - our backyard. We infuse our 72 Trace Mineral Complex into our luxurious body products to give you that extra pep in your step - literally. The minerals found here are essential minerals for the overall health of the body and skin. Studies from doctors and research facilities have shown that soaking and topically applying products with minerals infused reduced arthritic symptoms.People with eczema & dry skin who immerse the skin with our minerals see an increase in skin hydration and reduction in inflammation and skin roughness. These magnesium rich minerals show quite favorable effects in inflammatory disease. Soak in them or apply them to the largest organ of your body (your skin) to see the lasting effects.
Salt of the Earth is a home grown company that creates fresh, down-to-earth spa treatments and products for every occasion. Headquartered in Utah, Salt of the Earth's workshop is an eco-friendly custom blending factory of lotions and potions, fizz and bubbles! We "mix it up" every day, literally hand mixing natural ingredients with essential scents to create bath and body concoctions as unique as you.
We believe in doing everything we can to help our Earth stay clean, and that's why we're determined to never see one of our jars in a landfill-or a recycling plant for that matter. Our jars are built to last through use after use, and we ask our clients and customers to do their part by refilling their jars with their favorite Salt of the Earth products instead of throwing them away when the product runs out.

Yon-Ka Paris Skin Care Collection and Treatments
The Yon-Ka philosophy is to restore the skin's true health and beauty through personalized skin care products and treatments that utilize a unique process known as "Integrated Botanical Science ™". These are Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy, Fruit Acid Therapy, Marine Therapy and Phyto-Biological Therapy.

Dazzle Dry™
The Dazzle Dry™ Quick Dry Natural Nail System is Vegan and consisting of Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquers and Top Coat, Dazzle Dry™ is the only lacquer free of Nitrocellulose, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Camphor on the market today. Fortified with proVitamin B5 and Calcium, Dazzle Dry™ actually strengthens the natural nail, as it offers exceptional non-yellowing performance and wear. Dazzle Dry™ dries rock-hard in 5 minutes without UV light, wears like gel and removes like polish.

BIOTONE Massage Oil
The desire for natural skin care products emerged in the late 1970s when consumers began to question the safety of chemicals used in personal care offerings. Out of this movement, a host of natural product small businesses sprung up. San Diego native, Jean Shea, BIOTONE founder and president, was among one of these early entrepreneurs. Initially, Jean created a line of natural skincare products for the health food market. When a local massage asked her to formulate lubricants for its school, Jean saw the opportunity to develop products for the massage industry. In 1980, Jean established BIOTONE and introduced her first product, Revitalizing Massage Oil, which is still available today. But it was the introduction of the BIOTONE Dual-Purpose Creme in 1984 that propelled the company to the forefront of the market. BIOTONE bridges the gap between a product that is as natural as possible but makes no sacrifices in its effectiveness for use in massage therapy.